Reducing Costs Easing Operations


Innovating Hygiene Management Operations


It is important to continue a certain cleaning and sanitizing work in hygiene management, but this complex operations can create stress on employees.

Sanistar Water is the best way of creating an environment where anyone can clean and sanitize with ease.


Food Safety. Compatible Cost Savings


While the daily cost is never much, how often do we think about the long term costs?

Sanistar makes securing food safety while reducing costs possible.

Cost calculation method * Research by SARAYA
We compared the typical costs from cleaning and sanitizing to the same process with Sanistar.
The average cost of chemicals, electricity, water and labor in Japan was used as a basis for this calculation.


Cost calculation method * Research by SARAYA
The approximate number of times typical cooking utensils are cleaned in a day was estimated and cleaned (Cutting board: 15, Knife: 10, Bowl: 10, Tray: 10, Tongs: 10, Hotel pan: 3). "Elapsed time", "Use of chemicals", "Water usage", "Electricity usage" were measured and the annual value for each cost is calculated.



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