Reducing Costs Increasing Efficiency


Cost Reduction and Efficiency Improvement



Advantage of the Foam Cleaning System:

Foam cleaning eliminates the disadvantages of manual cleaning, increasing productivity.

Factors preventing standardization of cleaning methods


Manual cleaning methods differ from person to person.

Cleaning results will vary when complicated or large number of objects are cleaned at once.

It is difficult to tell where chemical has been applied or already cleaned.
A foam cleaning system solves these problems.

Significant reduction in cleaning time and cost


Manual cleaning and sanitizing: Overtime

Foam cleaning + Sanistar: No overtime, extended time for manufacturing.
Foam cleaning can improve your productivity!


Maintain a sanitary environment:

Sanistar Water quickly decomposes and can be used just like water. A hygienic environment is as easy as rinsing.

Rinsing with tap water after foam washing
won't lead to full disinfection...
BUT rinsing with Sanistar Water
is as effective as chemical disinfectants.

Using foam washing in combination with slightly acidic electrolyzed water is highly antibacterial and leads to a more hygienic level of cleaning.

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