Sanitation, environment and health in the world

Saraya is always aiming to realize a richer and fruitful global society with these three keywords, closely related to each other, as the pillar of our business.

It is in our philosophy to incorporate SDGs into our corporate activities, contributing to the world's hygiene, environment and health, helping you and the people around you to have a healthy lifestyle.

Food Sanitation Solutions

Providing safe and delicious food is the goal of every member of the food industry. However, with the potential of food borne illness, great care must be taken to ensure food is hygienically handled and prepared until it is enjoyed by customers. Saraya has continually provided a full system for food sanitation, allowing hassle free solutions for cleaning and sanitation.

Preventing Food Borne Illness

Because food-borne illness can be spread by unclean or sick staff, maintaining personal hygiene is inseparable from food safety management.

Hand Hygiene

Hands are incredibly useful tools in the kitchen. However, every time we touch something, we can get germs on our hands or transfer them. That is why hand hygiene is one of the most important and essential ways to prevent food poisoning.

Cleaning & Solution

Facilities can be vast operations with many food contamination risks. Local regulations and guidelines on maintenance, cleaning, pest control, waste management and sanitation are vital. We can provide you with the tools to reach your hygiene goals.


Saraya's technical support programs are designed to enable your hygiene management to increase their level of effectiveness, efficiency and overall safety. Not only we provide evaluations of your current state, but we encourage improvements by providing methods that raise awareness of your own capabilities and goals.

Worldwide solutions from a worldwide company

Saraya provides you with the best solution, wherever you are.

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